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"I can’t think of anything but nights with you."

Zelda Fitzgerald to Scott Fitzgerald, 1919 (via bl-ossomed)

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i wish you could just snap your fingers and then you would be hot and confident and have everything you want

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India Eisley


India Eisley

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so the first thing I do when I get home at 2.45am is weigh in, duh- 1 pound gain after a two week holiday??? I’ll take that any day yes thank u and goodnight

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#me #personal #relieved is not the word #weight #should I be worried it was my primary concern before even sleep #cross that bridge another day 

had a good time in the sun in Tenerife but d r e a d i n g going home and seeing the damage holiday eating did to my progress πŸ‹πŸ‹

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#sigh #me #personal #weight #my fckn life #wish I could not worry about it like even for a few days #but no #it's pretty much constant